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Well, look at you.

So, right now I am in California. I am sitting at my brother's house. I have no transportation, so, I sit and wait. My vacation has been pretty sucky lately. We flew into Las Vegas on Friday, and it was motha' fuckin' hot. I liked it though. It wasn't a humid heat, more like a dry heat. On Saturday, we went to UNLV, to do the tour. I love the university. I don't really enjoy most of the places in Las Vegas, but I do like the University. I have not made the decision to move there yet. Las Vegas is the city of sin, but I won't be living on Las Vegas Blvd. or Fremont, so, I can luck out. Sadly, I didn't look at apartments. I did all the tourist things. Stupid tourist things. So like me.

We drove to San Diego on Sunday, and you know, San Diego wasn't all I was expecting it to be. Downtown was awesome. I would love to live downtown, but where we were wasn't very nice. I mean, it wasn't that great, I've seen better. We went to the mall. That is pretty much all. We stayed at the hotel most of the time because I didn't really want to be in San Diego. Stupid San Diego.

We are now in Central California. I am up in Campbell. Yesterday we saw "House of Wax". We only wanted to see Paris die. It was worth it. The bad acting alone was the best reason to go see this piece of trash film. Oh, speaking of movies...we saw "Crash" in Vegas and totally loved it. The film was awesome. I love the whole stereotyping and racial descrimination. I swear, all people are like that, even if it is behind close doors.

Oh, one awesome thing we did in San Diego, was the Zoo. I loved it. We took so many pictures of all those cuddly animals. We also went to Solvange driving up to Marina. We bought Danish pasteries. We also went to the restuarant where they filmed "Sideways". While driving back from Solvange, we went to the Ostrich and Emu farm. Many pictures of that too.

I have no idea what I am doing today. Oh well.

I will write later. I hope everyone is having a good time.
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