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Anxiety Attacks!

Friday I am thinking about taking my Economics Test. This is only if I think I can fathom everything. If I don't, I will have to meet with my professor this Friday to go over everything right before the test. I am taking 8 pages of notes to it, when we are only allowed two, because I REALLY need to pass this class. I just studied for an hour. And I will go back and study for an hour after this probably. Tomorrow I don't have class because we finished everything we needed to go over, so, I am going to bust my ass studying tomorrow also. I also haven't gotten my essay back from my Economics teacher. As long as I got a "B" on it, then I can get a "D" on the exam and pass the class with a "D". Hopefully this will all work out. I am through with this college bullshit. Thank God I am taking off for a few months.

I went to the dentist yesterday for a cleaning. They said my teeth were pretty clean except for the fact that I have one cavity. No fun. So, I have to get that filled on the 23rd.

Billy's 20th Birthday is on Sunday, I got him some Star Wars shit. We are also going to go see Acceptance play on that day, and then later the week, since we will be out of school, I am going to see Juliette and the Licks. I love them.

Then on the 18th, I have to pick up my graduation stuff. This is only if I am graduating. It would be stupid if I picked it up and I wasn't graduating. I better fucking graduate. I swear. I will flip out if I don't.

The 26th is the graduation. This is only IF I graduate. Rehersal is at 3 P.M. that day. Which sucks because I have to drive all the way up there.

Then the 27th, I fly to Las Vegas. 29th I drive to San Diego. 1st, I drive up all the way to Monterey, and then I come home the 6th. My mini-vacation. Although it is all business, nothing special. I come back to either get a job, and start my adult life, or I go back to school to finish up my degree. Hopefully I won't have to do the latter.
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