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God is against me.

Stress has become a constant in my life. In approximately three weeks I have signed up to graduate with my A.A. I have already planned everything I am doing after graduation, and when I am going to move. I am taking the trip to visit universities and apartments. I have one problem though. I am failing Economics II. It isn't that I am not doing anything. I have done every assignment the best I could. My professor is such a hard grader. So, here I am, stuck. I have a 54% in the class, and need a "D" to graduate. I have asked for extra credit assignments, and he says no. The only thing he said he would give me is time. Time to go over everything with me. This isn't going to help because he is still a hard grader. I have one paper due, within this next week. I am afraid. I don't know how to even start it. I have never had someone hold my "life" in their hands. It really sucks. In order for me to pass with a "D", I have to get 73% on all the upcoming assignments. (There are only three left!)

I have gotten one of my papers back that he graded. He gave my a 66% on it, although it took me a whole week to do. He took off points for the most ridiculous things. If this happens on my paper, I am seeing the Dean. This is dumb. I already have family coming out for my graduation. I will do anything to graduate, and if I have to go to his Boss to complain about him, I will do it.

So, now I have this asshole taking my life and crushing it at his will. This is ridiculous. It really pisses me off.
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