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I had a really weird dream. I was in catholic school, which I have never been in. There was this guy that all these girls wanted but could never have. It wasn't that he was mean, it was more like he was mysterious. I guess what happened in my dream was I got to know him better. He started telling me the things I wanted to hear and all that stuff. We then had sex, I am guessing. This whole part was skipped over though. The few days later, all my friends were trying to figure out what happened between me and some guy. They kept guessing while the guy I had sex with was right there. I just kept saying, "No, can we stop talking about this." Continually, the kept guessing. Finally, I guess the guys friend came up to me and took me to the side. He said that the guy whom I slept with was gay. Or atleast he thought he was gay. So, I said, "So, what am I? I was a tool to find out if he was gay or not?" He just replied that, "He feels really bad." A few more days later, I found out I was pregnant. So, he comes up to me and says, "We think it is better if you raise the baby and have it."

THEN, my dream turns into a freakin' video game. I have to escape from this castle with all these cartoon animals chasing me. There is this turret gun, but it doesn't work without change. So, I have to break vases to get coins and fruit, because my health is low. After I kill most of those cartoon animals, I come to a door that has many different ways of opening it. It has a huge lock on it and a turnstile to match the shapes. The first try I was done. I then proceedingly ran through the front of the castle getting chased by these superhero freaks; the ones that can stretch and throw lightning bolts at you. One kept throwing soccer balls at me. Then I woke up.
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